Spring Cleaning: 5 Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Spring

Spring Cleaning: 5 Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Spring

It’s the season of melting snow, rainy days, and allergies – Spring is here! As a homeowner, or mindful tenant, it’s important, and useful, to know how to prepare your plumbing for the next season as your water and cooling systems work tirelessly. Here at Daigle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we want to help you as best we can with our top 5 spring plumbing tips.

Inspect Faucets and Pipes

To start your spring plumbing maintenance, check sink, bath, and shower hardware for signs of seeping and leaks. Make sure to also check exposed pipes below the sink and in your basement or utility room for any leaks or damage like rust or deteriorated hardware. If you find that your home’s water pipes are displaying significant corrosion, your best course of action is to have the part replaced immediately to prevent the corrosion from spreading. In many cases this is a simple replacement that the Daigle team can provide with ease.

Limit Water Pressure Problems

During the spring and summer months, your home’s overall water usage will increase, which can affect your home’s water pressure. Try taking quicker showers and avoid peak water usage by taking your shower a little earlier or later than you normally would to preserve your water pressure. If you apply these strategies and your water pressure still seems low, you may have a more serious problem such as a ruptured water main. A ruptured water main may not be immediately visible to you, but it will require a professional plumber to repair.

Keep an Eye Out of Sweating Pipes

Condensation is normal to see on pipes and other utilities during hot summer months, but at what point should it be cause for concern? Condensation occurs when cold water is running or has just been run, but if it is constant, it could mean there is a leak. If the condensation becomes a problem, look for leaks on faucets or toilets, invest in insulation for your pipes if you want to eliminate this condensation.

Clean Your Sump Pump

Cleaning your sump pump is another important part of your spring plumbing maintenance. Disconnect the power source to remove and clean the pump, including the pump screen or inlet. To learn how, consult your owner’s manual. The pump screen or inlet should be cleaned every three to four months. Then, return the unit and restore the power, and perform a test run by pouring in some water to make sure it’s working properly.

Check Your Sprinkler System

Don’t waste water from a broken sprinkler system, check your sprinkler heads to make sure there are no leaks. It’s important to monitor your system throughout the season to make sure individual sprinkler heads do not become clogged with obstructions like dirt, grass clippings or other debris. Should a sprinkler head be jammed with this material, it can cause an unnecessary buildup in water pressure that can burst the system’s water main. It is recommended that you clean the heads before the spring and summer season each year. Be mindful not to run over your sprinkler heads while mowing the lawn as well!

Does your plumbing need some extra attention? The plumbing, heating, and cooling experts at Daigle can ensure your water and cooling systems are ready for the Spring and Summer seasons. Contact Daigle today if your spring plumbing needs an expert’s eye.

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