Signs Your Pipes Are Frozen & Some Prevention Tips

Signs Your Pipes Are Frozen & Some Prevention Tips

Key takeaways:

  • Visually check your pipes and faucets for any frost or ice buildup.
  • A telltale sign of frozen pipes is the sudden drop in indoor temperatures.
  • Make sure to keep your home warm by adjusting the thermostat for prevention.
  • Call professional plumbing service if any frozen pipes are suspected or confirmed.

As the winters draw nearer, the threat of your water pipes freezing becomes a very real issue. But how do you know when it’s too late and your pipes have frozen?

Daigle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling are pioneers in frozen pipe prevention and thawing. Still, we want to arm you with the knowledge of when it’s time to dial our number or any plumbing service. So, without further ado, let’s begin

Signs Your Pipes are Frozen

Water pressure drops

Have you noticed a decrease in water pressure or no water coming out? This could be a sign that your pipes are frozen and unable to allow the water to flow through. With frozen pipes, water cannot move freely and build up pressure, resulting in decreased water flow.

Frost or ice on pipes or faucets.

Visually check your pipes and faucets for any frost or ice buildup. The haze of frozen water on the pipes is an obvious indicator that you have frozen pipes. You can always hire a plumbing service to check such pipes thoroughly.

A banging noise

Do you hear a banging noise when you turn on the faucet? This is because a frozen pipe is unable to handle the pressure of water trying to flow through, resulting in a banging noise. To prevent further damage, you must immediately call a plumbing service to thaw the pipes.

A trickle of water

When water refuses to flow through as properly as it should, it may be a sign that frozen pipes are to blame. If you only see a trickle of water, or if the water flow has significantly decreased, the time to trust professionals has come.

Home temperature drops

A telltale sign of frozen pipes is the sudden drop in indoor temperatures where the pipes are located. This is because these pipes cannot properly insulate your home’s heat, causing a temperature drop.

Signs A Frozen Pipe Has Burst

Pipes no longer cold to touch

When the pipes are frozen, they can be frozen solid enough to the touch. Once they burst, however, they may no longer feel frozen. Since the ice has either melted or shattered, the pipes will feel colder than at room temperature.

Pipes no longer cold to touch

Water spilling out

Now that the water is no longer frozen, it will have an escape route. This often presents as water spilling out from cracks or holes in the pipes.

Dripping pipes

Like water spilling out, frozen pipes may also start dripping once they thaw and the ice melts. This happens when your pipes are concealed behind walls or under the sink, making such pipes hard to detect until they soften and start leaking.

Water pooling

From sinkholes to unusual water puddles on your floor, freezing pipes can lead to water pooling in unexpected places. Excessive water can be a health hazard, especially if sitting too long, so make sure to call a plumbing service immediately if you notice water pooling in or around your home.

Higher water bill

Have you recently noticed your water bill increasing without a change in routine or usage? It might be a sign that frozen pipes are causing excess water leakage. You must understand that pipes-related issues cannot be ignored and must be resolved quickly before they become expensive damages.

Prevent Your Pipes From Bursting

Keep your home warm

Keep your home warm when the cold begins to set in by adjusting the thermostat and sealing off any drafts or cracks. With adequate temperature, your house will be less susceptible to frozen pipes.

Insulate your pipes

People don’t take this advice seriously, and frozen plumbing often leads to burst pipes and significant damage. If you intend to save yourself from frustration and costly repairs, ensure to insulate any pipes located in areas with low temperatures, such as the attic or basement.

Abstain from leaving still water

If you plan on leaving your home for an extended time, drain all the water from your pipes. Standing water left in your pipes increases the chances of them freezing.

Pay attention to weather forecasts.

Be proactive about frozen pipes by keeping an eye out for colder weather, especially if you live in a climate that experiences freezing temperatures.

What To Do When Your Frozen Pipe Bursts?

Shut your water supply

You must shut off your main water supply if you know where the main water valve is. If unsure, call a plumbing service to reduce the risk of further damage. Professional plumbers know all the intricacies of frozen pipes and can fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Contact the authority

In case you live in an apartment or rented property, immediately contact your landlord concerning authority. Explain the situation and ask them to send a professional plumbing service to resolve the issue without delay.

Open faucets

Opening all the faucets will allow the pipes to drain with no water left behind. Ensure you do this after the main supply is shut off to avoid leaks or overflows.

Contact your insurance company.

Your homeowner’s insurance covers some kinds of pipe damage. However, to be sure, you must check with them before any repair takes place to avoid unexpected costs. Some professional plumbing services cover the insurance process for you.

Contact a professional plumbing service.

Some professional plumbing services provide round-the-clock emergency services to prevent frozen pipes from bursting. The longer you wait, the greater the damage and fees for repair. Don’t hesitate to call the professionals. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ending Note:

If you see any signs above, don’t wait – call a plumbing service immediately. A frozen pipe can burst and cause extensive damage to your home in a short amount of time. Worse yet, you could be looking at even more expensive repairs if the weather drops below freezing again before the problem is fixed.

So don’t let it go and call Daigle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, serving Auburn, NH, right away for top plumbing service. We’ll make sure your pipes thaw safely and efficiently, so you can go back to enjoying hot water in the comfort of your own home.

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