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Daigle Plumbing & Heating is a beacon of excellence in heat pump service in central New Hampshire, where the environment necessitates robust and efficient heating systems. Our staff specializes in the complexities of heat pump systems and provides exceptional knowledge to homeowners around the state. Understanding that a dependable heat pump is more than simply a component of your house; it is a cornerstone of comfort and efficiency. We are committed to ensuring that every heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance service we give meets the highest standards.

Our dedication to quality, client satisfaction, and technical progress has driven our success in providing top-tier heat pump repair services in Derry, NH, and the surrounding regions. At Daigle Plumbing & Heating, we don’t simply repair heat pumps in New Hampshire; we improve your home’s warmth and efficiency with thorough service and customized solutions. With a thorough awareness of the different demands of New Hampshire residents, our services are intended to keep your home a sanctuary of comfort regardless of the weather outside.

Join today thousands of satisfied clients who have experienced the Daigle difference in heat pump services and find out how we can improve the way you heat your house.

Our Heat Pump System specialist can help New Hampshire residents with

Heat Pump Installation

Ductless Heat Pumps Installations

In New Hampshire, ductless heat pumps are gaining popularity for their advanced heat pump technology, offering efficient heating systems without extensive ductwork. At Daigle Plumbing & Heating, we specialize in installing these innovative systems, ensuring seamless integration into your existing electrical panel and home layout. Our heat pump installations are tailored to your specific needs, offering both hot air during the heating season and cool air in warmer months. Opting for a ductless heat pump is a modern, eco-friendly approach to HVAC systems, often coming with heat pump incentives that make them an attractive option for savvy homeowners.

Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pumps

Daigle Plumbing & Heating is honored to specialize in the installation and maintenance of Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps, a company known for cutting-edge heating technology. These units stand out in the market because of their remarkable dependability, energy efficiency, and innovative features, making them an excellent option for New Hampshire households. Our trained heating technicians in Derry are committed to delivering expert guidance and precise installation, ensuring that your Mitsubishi ductless heat pump matches your individual home heating and air conditioning requirements with unsurpassed efficiency and convenience.

Heat Pump Maintenance & Tune-Ups

At Daigle Plumbing & Heating, we recognize the importance of regular maintenance in extending the lifespan and enhancing the efficiency of your heating system. That’s why we offer thorough heat pump maintenance and tune-up services in Derry, New Hampshire. Our comprehensive approach involves meticulous examinations and precise adjustments, ensuring optimal performance of your air handler and entire HVAC system.

This not only guarantees that your heat pump runs smoothly but also results in considerable energy savings. By entrusting us with the monthly maintenance of your heat pump, you are taking a proactive approach to avoiding future problems and keeping a pleasant home atmosphere. Our team’s experience with various heat pump types ensures that your system gets the best possible maintenance, maintaining it in top condition year-round and prolonging its operating lifetime.

Heat Pump Repair Service

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Uneven Heat Distribution

If you notice portions of your house that are much colder or warmer than others, it may be due to uneven heat distribution from your heat pump. This widespread problem may disrupt your comfort, particularly during the winter months. Daigle Plumbing & Heating’s professional HVAC technicians in Derry are experts at detecting and resolving the underlying reasons for uneven heating. By thoroughly inspecting your heat pump system, we guarantee that heat is delivered uniformly throughout your house, resulting in a stable and pleasant temperature in every area. Call our professionals today for heat pump services.

Unit Constantly Running

A heat pump that is always in operation is not only inefficient, but it may also be a sign of underlying mechanical problems. Constant running might cause significant wear and tear, thus decreasing the unit’s lifetime. Daigle Plumbing & Heating specializes in quickly detecting and resolving the underlying issues causing your heat pump to overwork. Our heat pump repair in Derry, NH, will return your device to peak performance, ensuring that it produces the essential warmth without wasting energy or putting extra pressure on its components.

Dirty Coil or Fan Cleaning

The accumulation of dirt and debris on coils and fans is a primary factor that can hinder the performance of your heat pump. Regular cleaning of these components is imperative to maintain the system’s efficiency and prevent issues like overheating or reduced heating capacity. Our team at Daigle Plumbing & Heating is equipped to conduct thorough cleaning of these crucial parts, ensuring they function smoothly. This proactive maintenance step not only enhances the performance of your heat pump but also helps avert more significant problems down the line.

Filter Replacement

The importance of air filters in ensuring indoor air quality and the proper functioning of your heat pump cannot be overlooked. Filters may get clogged over time with dust, pet dander, and other particles, reducing airflow and system performance. Regular replacement of these filters is a basic yet critical component of heat pump maintenance. Our staff at Daigle Plumbing & Heating offers rapid and effective filter replacement services, ensuring that your heat pump continues to perform optimally while maintaining a healthy indoor environment for you and your family. We are here 24/7 to assist you with heat pump repair in Derry and surrounding New Hampshire areas.

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