Get First-hand Mitsubishi Mini-Split Repairs and Parts with Daigle

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In the realm of HVAC systems, Mitsubishi Mini Splits stand out for their efficiency, reliability, and innovative technology. However, like any appliance, they may encounter issues over time. When your Mitsubishi Mini Split requires repair, addressing these common Mitsubishi Mini Split problems is crucial. Thankfully, with Daigle as your trusted partner, you can access Mitsubishi […]

Mini Splits vs. Window Units: Which is More Energy Efficient?

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Homeowners and businesses constantly seek ways to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. One solution that has gained popularity in recent years is the mini-split system. But how energy-efficient are mini splits, and are mini splits more energy efficient than window units? Let’s delve into this topic to understand the ins and outs of mini […]

Understanding & Troubleshooting Your Mini-Split AC Not Cooling

Mini Split AC Filter Cleaning

Have you ever experienced the unpleasant circumstance where your mini split air conditioner fails to provide the refreshing breeze you anticipate? A mini-split system that works properly is a godsend, but things may get frustrating when it doesn’t produce cold air. We set out to solve the mystery of the cooling problems of a mini […]

Common Mini-Split AC Problems and How to Face Them

ductless mini-split problems

Mini-split air conditioners, also known as ductless air conditioners, have transformed the way we cool and heat our living spaces. Their growing popularity can be attributed to several compelling advantages, including efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the flexibility they offer in terms of installation and zone management. Mini-splits, unlike traditional air conditioning systems, do not require extensive […]

Mini Split Not heating? Troubleshooting Tips and Solutions

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Mini split air conditioning systems have gained popularity over time for their efficiency in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. These versatile units are known for efficiently cooling and heating spaces efficiently, but what happens if your mini-split is not working in heat mode? If your mini split is not blowing hot air as it should, there […]