Mini Split Heat Pumps : How They Work to Improve Energy Savings and Reduce Costs

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In today’s HVAC systems, mini split heat pumps have become a convenient and economical option for homes and businesses. If you’re curious about a mini split heat pump, how it works, and its potential to improve energy costs, Derry’s ductless HVAC experts is here to help you now. Let’s take a closer look at mini-split […]

Maintenance and Tune-Up Tips for Ductless AC Systems

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Ductless air conditioning systems have become industry leaders in home comfort, offering effective cooling without the inconvenience of ducting. Scheduling AC routine maintenance and tune-ups guarantees that your ductless AC operates efficiently and endures over time. We’ll go into the specifics of ductless air conditioning upkeep in this article, providing insightful information and helpful hints […]

Understanding & Troubleshooting Your Mini-Split AC Not Cooling

Mini Split AC Filter Cleaning

Have you ever experienced the unpleasant circumstance where your mini split air conditioner fails to provide the refreshing breeze you anticipate? A mini-split system that works properly is a godsend, but things may get frustrating when it doesn’t produce cold air. We set out to solve the mystery of the cooling problems of a mini […]

When To Schedule an AC Maintenance Service?

When To Schedule an AC Maintenance Service?

Key Takeaways Summer is approaching; as the temperature rises, we rely heavily on our trusty air-conditioning units to keep us cool and comfortable throughout the season. But did you know that neglecting proper AC maintenance could lead to many issues just when you need it most? Neglecting AC maintenance can cause your AC unit to […]

Common Mini-Split AC Problems and How to Face Them

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Mini-split air conditioners, also known as ductless air conditioners, have transformed the way we cool and heat our living spaces. Their growing popularity can be attributed to several compelling advantages, including efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the flexibility they offer in terms of installation and zone management. Mini-splits, unlike traditional air conditioning systems, do not require extensive […]

Mini Split Not heating? Troubleshooting Tips and Solutions

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Mini split air conditioning systems have gained popularity over time for their efficiency in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. These versatile units are known for efficiently cooling and heating spaces efficiently, but what happens if your mini-split is not working in heat mode? If your mini split is not blowing hot air as it should, there […]

AC Preventive Maintenance & Tune-Up: Their Importance in Avoiding Costly Repairs

AC preventive maintenance

As the sweltering heat of summer inches closer, transforming our homes into sanctuaries of cool respite, the role of our air conditioning (AC) systems becomes paramount. Picture this: the mercury rising, a shimmering mirage of heat outside, and within the confines of your home, the soothing hum of a well-functioning air conditioning unit providing a […]