5 Ways to Get Your Heating Equipment Ready for Winter

5 Ways To Get Your Heating Equipment Ready For Winter

The days of beach trips are long over, the pumpkin carving has come to an end, and now we’re getting ready to stuff our faces on the best Thursday of the year. As we approach the holiday season, we come closer and closer to snowy days and below freezing nights. New England’s rapid change of seasons means your heating equipment needs to be ready for the chilly winter at a moment’s notice. So, we’re sharing our top five tips to get your heating equipment ready for the winter. 

1. Clean Your Whole Home Humidifier

If your home is equipped with a whole home humidifier, making sure it’s clean and running effectively is of the utmost importance. Maintaining the proper amount of humidity inside your home means you won’t need your heat blasting as much – in turn saving you money on your heating bills! Clean your humidifier and change the evaporator pad so it operates efficiently and keeps your indoor air quality healthy.

2. Keep the Furnace Area Clear

Dry air and a roaring furnace mean a house fire is more likely during the wintertime. Remove items that are stored in close proximity to the furnace or boiler to ensure that nothing is able to catch fire. Also, remove any items blocking your air ducts or vents to ensure proper airflow. This will make sure your home maintains a comfortable temperature and your heating equipment doesn’t have to work harder than it needs to.

3. Turn Down the Heat

I know it may seem a little backwards especially when you’re reaching for that second blanket to cover up but turning down your heat when you need it the least will help shave 10% off your heating bill. Lower your thermostat at night, when you’re sleeping cozily under your comforter, or when you’re away during the day – no need to heat an empty house.

4. Change Air Filters

One of the most common causes of an HVAC breakdown is accumulated dirt and dust in the filtering system. Check your HVAC air filter every month and wait no longer than 90 days to replace if you see an issue. Keeping backup filters on hand is a smart move, as a dirty filter is an ineffective filter.

5. Winterize and Cover Outdoor AC Units

We winterize our tires to protect against snow and ice, so why wouldn’t we do the same for our outdoor AC units? Shut down your central air system and remove all leaves, twigs, and grass clippings from your outdoor unit and take a garden hose to the unit to get rid of any bugs, dust, or dirt. Next, cover your HVAC unit with a waterproof cover to protect against ice, snow, and debris. Make sure to get a cover that can breathe so moisture doesn’t build up over the next few months. Regularly clear snow and ice off as it accumulates to make sure your unit is ready to go for warmer temperatures.

6. BONUS – Schedule a Maintenance Appointment with Daigle

Although you might be able to perform any of the above tasks to your heating equipment, semi-annual maintenance appointments with a professional will ensure your HVAC unit doesn’t fail you. The experts at Daigle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can perform a basic maintenance check on your equipment, so you and your family stay safe and warm throughout the Winter. Call us today!

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