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3 Water Issues Well Pressure Tanks Can Cause

It can be frustration when your well pressure tank starts causing problems for your home. It can leave you with inconsistent water pressure or no water at all. What could be happening, and should you call a water well professional? Well tank problems can be difficult to fix and may even cause you to replace your tank. How do you know when to get your well tank checked? Keep reading for the top 3 well tank issues we see!

Low Water Pressure

If you’re finding that the water isn’t flowing from the faucet or showerhead as forcefully as you’d like it to, it could be due to low water pressure. A failing well pressure tank, a stuck check valve, leaking or worn-out pressure tanks, building a home addition, or periods of heavy water usage could all cause low water pressure. In some cases, iron bacteria clog up the pipe causing the pressure switch to sense pressure incorrectly. If your well water tests high in iron bacteria, your pump and/or well screen may become clogged with iron bacteria. Flushing the well tank can often restore the well tank to a better condition.

Higher Electric Bill

When a well tank wears out or becomes blocked with sand, silt, or iron bacteria, the well pump needs to work much harder than if it was in good shape. An overworked well tank means an increasingly higher power cost, and an increasing electricity bill. A higher power bill can also be the cause of a check valve that’s gone bad. This means that water from the well tank flows back down into the well, enabling water from your well tank to flow back down into the well, reducing pressure and signals to the pressure switch to turn the pump on again and pressurize the tank. This on and off-cycle may occur every few minutes and meaning the well tank runs nearly 24 hours a day, causing a higher electric bill.

Water Quality has Changed

If notice a change in water quality such as a large amount of sand, sediment, odors, or different color, this can indicate that something has happened to your well shaft, casing, pump, or drop pipe. The best thing to do if your well water quality changes sharply over a few days is to get your water tested. If you notice a big drop in water pressure or see large amounts of sand or grit, you should reach out to a well water professional such as Daigle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

Dealing with low water pressure, higher electric bills, or changes in water quality can be frustrating. Contact your local plumber to fix these issues. However, if any of these problems become severe, then it may be time to replace your well tank. Well tanks can last anywhere from 5 to 20 years, depending on the quality of your tank. Check your well tank before these issues escalate.

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